11:11: The Hidden Meaning Behind Number Patterns

Do you frequently see number patterns everywhere?

The Universe may be trying to catch your attention.

Many believe there is no such thing as coincidence. We live in a world full of signs, symbols, and synchronicities. Each number in the mathematical language of the universe carries its own energetic vibration and spiritual meaning.

When I started to awaken, I kept seeing 11:11 on the clock. It happened so often that I knew it wasn’t just by chance. I sensed that there was more going on than meets the eye.

As Wayne Dyer once said, “If you knew who walked beside you at all times, on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again.”

We are co-creating our reality with our thoughts, words, and choices. The Universe rearranges itself just so we will see a number pattern at a particular moment in time.

Life is magic, if we have eyes to see it.

I recently wrote an inspirational poetry book that helps to reveal some of the hidden messages behind common number patterns—and celebrates our mysterious relationship with the Universe.

As individuals, each of us will have a unique interpretation of the recurring number patterns we see.

How do you feel when you see 11:11?

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