What Does The Term “Higher Self” Mean to You?

The term “Higher Self” will have a very unique meaning to each individual.

Some view the Higher Self as a divine, omnipotent, metaphysical entity—while others believe the Higher Self is a “connection” to an omnipotent God or Goddess/Source/Higher Power (depending on a person’s spiritual beliefs).

My personal impression is that the Higher Self, whether mortal or metaphysical, can be reached through the Body, Mind, Spirit connection. When we align our beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions with our values and Conscience, we begin to integrate with our Higher Selves.

It represents an internal state—not defined by external success, status or wealth. Yet those who are working toward their highest potential will often attract success and abundance.

Our values, spiritual beliefs, and deepest priorities will help to define what it means to reach our Higher Selves.

Helpful Coaching Questions:

In your last hours of life, when you reflect back—what will it take for you to feel your life was fulfilling?

What does reaching your Highest Potential mean to you?

I believe that reaching my Highest Potential would bring about a state of unconditional love for myself and others—

And what is love?

Love is spiritual growth, grace, humility, selflessness, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, work, sacrifice, self-discipline, self-control, self-awareness, empathy, healthy boundaries, assertiveness, creativity, nurturing, excellence, integrity, unity consciousness, empowerment, equality, respect, ethics, and Conscience …

Love is work. Work is love in action; seek to find work that serves your deepest priorities and purpose.

One way to connect with our Higher Selves is to meditate and listen to the quiet space in between our thoughts. This is often the place where profound epiphanies and creative ideas arise.

The greatest gift we can give to the world is to reach our Highest Potential.

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