Mother Earth, The Divine Feminine

Let her oceans wash our minds clean;
her winds,
change the tide of our thoughts—
from fear to love.

Her Spirit can be seen in the eyes of the majestic wolf;
she is beauty, love, mystery, and fierceness.

So many times before,
we have dishonoured ourselves—
by exploiting Mother Earth.

We did not open our eyes
to the unique set of spiritual qualities
in each one of her creatures.

With our greed and callousness,
we failed to recognize the sacredness of the land.

As we now witness the consequences of our choices,
let us transform our mistakes into wisdom.

The Divine Feminine is rising—
she is empathy,

For as long as man oppresses her,
he only imprisons himself.

He must empower feminine energy,
to set his own Heart free.

The imbalance of power—
between man and woman has caused:

corruption in politics,
abuse in religion,
soullessness in education,
heartlessness in business as usual,

the exploitation of women and children.

Man has harmed himself most,
by betraying his own body, mind, and soul—
through the degradation of women.

Masculine and feminine energies are equal—

Mother Earth teaches us harmony.

She maintains the balance of life and death;
of creation and destruction.

From the experience of both love and suffering,
the ego, like a cocoon, must be broken—
to release us from attachment.

After the spiritual metamorphosis takes place,
we are free to fly.

This physical realm grants the gift of spiritual truth.

As we awaken, we learn that true evil breaks the laws of nature—
it is man’s insidious abuse of power;
it is the bottomless pit of greed and addiction.

We must stop chasing external pleasures,
to fill an emptiness that only love can cure.

We have been given the opportunity to witness:

love and fear,
joy and suffering,
life and death,
pain and pleasure;

so that we understand
in the depths of our soul—
why Love is Her Law.

Poem available on Amazon in “Spirit of the Wolf”, a book of poetry.

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