With or Without a Belief in “God”, Love Makes More Sense

We are born with a need for connection; a lack of it can impair our mental, emotional, and physical development. We are designed to love and be loved.

It is evident that greed, hoarding, addiction, abuses of power, self-centeredness, dishonesty, corruption, violence, apathy, etc. lead to destruction/self-destruction.

In order to preserve our species and the planet, we need to have a unity consciousness.

The exploitation of people and the planet that we are witnessing in the world today is not sustainable. Our personal and professional relationships must be a win-win for all; a win for the environment; a win for wildlife; a win for all members of society; and a win for ethical, empathy-driven entrepreneurs.

As our civilization continues to evolve, we are gaining a deeper understanding of the benefits of ethics, equality, and empathy in personal and professional relationships. We are learning how mutual trust empowers everyone to thrive in relationships.

Fear only weakens us and creates anxiety, defensiveness, and division.

We thrive from authentic connection and collaboration as a society.

“In the absence of love is always addiction.”
– Unknown

Love is the answer.

Blurred New York City skyline at night, color toned picture, USA. Love and light.

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