The Judgement Frequency

We have two choices in how we deal with our mistakes: we can shame and punish ourselves after making a mistake (which inevitably punishes everyone around us with our self-loathing) or we can take the wisdom gained from the experience, become a better human, and move closer to our higher selves.

If we choose to shame ourselves, we remain in the energy of judgement. We will inevitably judge others the same way as ourselves. Guilt is healthy—it shows us that we acted against our personal values; it acts as an internal radar system. However, once a lesson has been learned, guilt no longer serves a purpose other than to remind us never to repeat the mistake. Unresolved guilt can turn into shame. Shame is one of the most destructive and debilitating feelings a human being can experience. Shame can distort our self-image.

how we view ourselves can become a self-fulfilling prophecy

Shame will cause us to sabotage our own success because of an inner belief that we are not worthy of happiness. And while we are busy self-sabotaging and being miserable, we will probably feel envious of others who reach their goals (because they loved themselves enough to let it happen). We may end up standing on the sidelines in life in a self-imposed state of hell. This is just a little of what the judgement frequency can bring.

If we choose to forgive ourselves, we are empowered to take the lesson and grow wiser as a person. This simple act of self-forgiveness helps us to understand that everyone around us is entitled to the same forgiveness for their mistakes; it’s a win-win.

We all do our best with what we know at the time. By practicing unconditional love and forgiveness on ourselves—we can do it for others as well. This frees us, and everyone around us, to transcend the energy of judgement and move beyond past mistakes.

Remember to forgive yourself for mistakes in the same way you want your children or loved ones to forgive themselves—be a model for self-love, compassion, and forgiveness to help others.


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