Evolve: Changing the Purpose of Business, A Guide to Sustainability

The evolve business guide provides helpful information on how to create a socially and environmentally responsible business. There is a growing global movement toward sustainable business practices and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). Studies have shown that today’s consumers prefer to purchase from companies that demonstrate a concern for the greater good.

Purpose-driven businesses are successfully developing innovative ways to tackle major social/environmental issues while earning healthy profits.

Businesses have the power to tackle major issues around the globe. For the sake of future generations, the world needs business leaders to become activists.

Purpose-driven businesses can make the world a better place while creating value and earning a profit. In both for-profit companies and non-profit organizations, business leaders can integrate social/environmental causes into the very fabric of their vision/mission statement, business plan, policies, and procedures.

There is no question that the purpose of business is evolving.

Now is the time for business leaders, investors, and stakeholders to reflect on what matters most in the end—how we treated others.

Evolve: Changing the Purpose of Business is a short and simple business guide available on Amazon and Indigo.