The Art of Wellness

Wellness is a promise we make to ourselves—a lifestyle choice and lifelong commitment. Just as we need to tend to important relationships in our lives, we also need to nourish our relationship with ourselves. Regular self-care lays the foundation for happiness and fulfillment both personally and professionally. Ten Wellness Tips 1. mindfulness The mind often […]


How to Make a Decision

Integrate the Four Bodies into Decision-Making Some decisions can change the course of your future. To ensure you are making the highest decisions for yourself it is important to measure the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual pros and cons. Below are some coaching questions that can help guide you through the decision-making process: The Emotional […]


Self-Awareness Day

Let’s make everyday “self-awareness day”. Where each one of us carefully observes our own beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions. Self-awareness is a rare quality. It is easy to get entangled in the energy of others; to forget to stay grounded and at peace within ourselves. Self-awareness is the key to shifting the energy around us […]