The Life Coaching Philosophy

The goal of life coaching is to help you go from where you are now—to where you want to be in the future. It is the small choices you make every day that can lead to big results over time. If your life is not moving in the direction you desire—you can change the course. Sometimes we need to step outside of our comfort zone and take risks to make our goals a reality.

Life coaches generally do not give advice, instead they help guide people to their own truth using powerful questions.

A coach is considered to be on the same level as the client. Whereas, a medical professional can help evaluate, diagnose, and treat medical or psychological conditions.

Life coaching focuses on identifying your authentic interests and priorities, goal setting, and designing an action plan to make your dreams become a reality. Professional therapy or counselling tends to focus on treating medical or psychological conditions, healing trauma, resolving the past, or dealing with a crisis. Life coaching can complement the therapeutic process.

Here is an example of a powerful question that a life coach might ask: 

Where do you want to see yourself in ten years?

Spending a few minutes on simple questions like this can change your life instantly. Life can be so demanding that we often do not stop to think about whether we are headed in the direction that is right for us. If we are not clear about what we want, it is easier to get influenced and distracted by the will of others.

When we know the direction that we want to take in life and make choices that are aligned with it, the universe begins to support and synchronize with us—doors start to open.